I Dream About Foundation is derived from the word ida “Aiida” which mean “work” and according to the Greek mythology from ancient Greek poetical form also spelled Gaia is the personification of the Earth. I Dream about foundation has its objectives derived from its name that we are determined to work for saving Gaia i.e. Goddess Mother Earth.
Ida also has researched meanings (Aida) in different languages like In Latin and Old French Aida means “TO HELP AND ASSIST”, In Greek it means “MODESTY”, In Arabic it means “REWARD” and the old English Interpretation is “HAPPY” where the foundation is and will be working with the ambition to fulfill it.

I Dream About… Foundation is development oriented and wants the society to develop.IDA has a main objective to create awareness amongst the people. Awareness is the way to bring drastic change in the society. People should be aware of the social issues that are in the societies which can be easily overcome. When everyone is a part and member of the society they also have to realize and fulfill their basic responsibilities towards the society.

IDA Foundation is formed by the hard work of the youth of our society who wish to work towards the upliftment of the society. We pledge to work for the mother earth and make world a better place to live in. Ida foundation will be indulging youth so that they can actively participate with lot of energy and positive enthusiasm and bring the fruitful changes in the society with their modern and unique thoughts. If everyone understands and completes their part of responsibility there will be a powerful change in the society. Therefore we at ida…foundation calls every of its member as a “DREAMER”

We dream and believe to bring “Revolution” in the society. We want the tradition and culture should be followed as nowadays due to modernization and westernization people have stopped practicing certain traditions and culture. Advance technology has proven huge growth in the society but at the same time misleading use of such technology has shown adverse effects which are not good for our society.

Also one of the biggest dreams for citizens of the nation should be that they work with loyalty for the nation. The foundation wishes to see in the eyes of every individual that they call their Country as “SONE KI CHIDIYAN” i.e. builds their country healthy, wealthy and wise. This would ensure one of the moto of the foundation will be achieved i.e. World Peace. We believe to bring spirit of oneness and our dreams are much more then what an every Individual Dreams About

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