Seva Bhavi

Seva Bhavi

Seva Bhavi is one of the Vapi’s largest Independent Platform and Youth Volunteered Association. Seva bhavi was founded on 1st Jan 2015 by a small group of friends who dreamt to serve the society helping the associated people for education, medical, environmental development and other basic necessities.


When mothers are given the education, tools and skills to earn and sustain an income, their children gain access to education, are healthier and are removed from situations of child labour. Seva Bhavi is trying to implement alternative income and livelihood resources and training because of which women become empowered and proud and act as wonderful examples to their daughters and other girls, impacting everyone. The result is an educated community that is more equipped to lift themselves out of poverty.


There are many people in this world who need financial support. There are many students in this world who cannot complete their education because of lack of funds. There are many handicapped people in this world who cannot earn enough money to survive. These people actually need money to fight against destiny. We help these people who are less fortunate in all possible ways. In this way, we help someone in achieving success, we help a student in completing his education, and we help a handicapped person to live a restful life.


There are currently 925 million people that are starving in the world today. It hurts to think about all of those people that do not make it through the night because of not having any food. Starvation is everywhere and we need to put an end to it as soon as we can. It has taken enough lives as it is. If we all got together, then this dream of no hunger could actually be a reality! We can do this if we really try! And this what Seva Bhavi is determined to do.

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