Vidya Niketan

Vidya Niketan

“Strong Foundation, Clear Foresight Leads To a Better Future”

Shri Vidhya Niketan School was set up in 2004 Under able guidance of conscientious meticulous persnalities Akhil Gujarat Vikas Missionary edu. Charitable Trust Regd No. E / 2252 / valsad is the apex body of school. In a Short Span of eight Years it has already established itself as a leading institution in its vicinity. Our New School Building with modern facilities will become operational form June 2012. With the implicit faith in the principels of dedication, diligence and discipline, Shri Vidhya Niketan School has been surging ahead step by step. The school cirriculum, teching methodology all are besed on the latest thought and trends in education. The school itself runes on the modern principles of management.

An Activity besed curriculum has been designed keeping in view the age groups of the children and their heterogeneous mental level. It attempts to promote the overall devlopment of the child.

The Shri Vidhya Niketan’s Philosophy is to focus on the satisfaction of child’s inquisitive mind though concept clarity. The personalized tender care stimulates the innocent minds to explore, understand, lean & appreciate the finer aspects of life so that child is able to handle day to days situation without any stress thus giving him storage foundation for his success in life. The indian culture and our way of life is in utter turmoil today. The school appreciate the importance of adopting the west in terms of scientific temper but would not like to give up our tradithion and culture.

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