Cloud Based School Management

Technology In Education

Mobile Application

Application Details

  • Parent can see fees detail - also can pay via mobile app
  • Student/Staff can Apply leave via mobile app
  • Parent/Staff/Teachers/Management Login
  • Available in Android and iOS app store
  • Support all type of Attachment
  • Parent can chat with School
  • Parents can analysis result
  • Alert/Push Notification


  • Student Profile
  • Homework
  • Time Table
  • Result
  • Calendar
  • Online Payment
  • Announcement
  • Attendance
  • Behaviour

Student Auto Attendance System

  • UHF (Ultra high frequency) based Attendance System

Staff Attendance System

  • RFID card or Multiple Fingers can be registered
  • User can track Staff in - Out timings
  • Easy review of Late in, early going ,break time
  • Automatic payroll generation with allowance and deductions
  • Easy connection via network cable
  • Manage different shifts & employee departments through a single machine

Modules of the System

STUDENT Management System

  • Student Registration / Admission Processes are integrated in a Single Computer System.
  • Provide Feedback to administrators and parents all from a single electronic source.
  • Programs allow customizing of data to meet No Child Left Behind Standard.
  • Gives Teachers and Administrators the power to create student photo iD's
  • Easy Handling of Daily Attendance, Examinations, Assessments. Grades
  • Handling the Award of Credit or Qualifications with Complete Alumni Track

FEES Management System

  • Stores all Fee-Related information along with the Frequency at which it is collected
  • Online Payment integration
  • Administrators can Easily create Dynamic Fee Structures
  • Define the Type of Fee to be collected from a specific School and the Time of Collection
  • Generates a complete Summary of Payable Fees and Collected Amount

ACCOUNT Management System

  • All the Accounting Modules easily integrated directly to TALLY accounting Package
  • Allows Comprehensive Management of Accounts and Book Keeping
  • Manage Daily Book Keeping. Ledger, income/Expense. Payments
  • Prepare Yeariy Balance Sheet & Receipts


  • Access to Student data to create Various Certifications with just a click of mouse
  • Generate 200+ reports to satisfy your requirements
  • Advance Reporting Tool enabling the users to create the Report Formats as per their needs.
  • Student‘s Leaving Certificate / Bonafide Certificate/ School Transfer Certificate
  • Create Unlimited Reports from the Student Data like Attendance, Fees and much more


  • Allows users to handle Automatic Grading of Exam Marks
  • Print Student Report Card. Exam results Analysis by Class. Grade, Subject and Much More
  • The Grading System Function allows users to Define Alpha and Numeric Grades
  • User-Defined Terms for Exams can be Maintained
  • Designed on the Basis of CBSE's and GSEB's CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) Pattern.
  • Includes Scholastic and Co- Scholastic based evaluation with CCE patterns considerations

STAFF Management System

  • Generate Automated Staff Information Management System
  • Attendance through Biometric Device Attached to the Software
  • Manage Payroll, PF calculations generating reports like 3A,6A. Etc.
  • Easily manageable Staff's profile and Leaves
  • Easy Customization of Allowances & Deductions

TRANSPORT Management

  • Route wise Bus management
  • Stoppage wise student Fees Collection
  • Stoppage wise Fees Collection & DUE Report.
  • Vehicle Tracking System

SMS Facilities

Facilitates Instant and Tailored SMS System:

  • Inbuilt messaging system
  • Offers Bulk SMSs
  • Easy and quick way to send messages to any user
  • Send tailored message to parents, teachers, students or/and administration:
For Example:
  • Holidays Notifications SMS
  • Due fees SMS to parents
  • Instant Student absence SMS to parents
  • Share Students Result card to parents
  • Parents Meeting Schedule Notification SMS
  • Offers exclusive feature like Voice Message
  • Send SMS to wish for Birthdays, Festivals, SMS Bus Schedules or Achievements notifications